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Visitor Management System:

Visitor Management System - Copy

VMS is an innovative system to record the arrival, departure and movement of visitor in Manufacturing Plants, Institutions and Organizations, Utilities, High Security Areas and Defense establishments.
VMS represents a paradigm shift in Visitor Management System that is linked to intelligent database management of all visitors to the establishment which enables versatile analytics that could generate useful reports and even predict any brewing danger. Organizations need advanced technological solutions to enhance monitoring operation and foresee any specific patterns or trends. Visitor Management System is one such system that can become a significant source of tracking suspicious movements, in addition to efficient visitor management. This software is scalable to include employees & contract workers.

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Prison Management System:

Prison Management System

Prisoner data management module keeps track of details such as admission, Injury, Under-trail/convict, PPC, Parole/furlough, Bail/ Rellase, court dairy etc. This module keeps detailed information of Ration items like stocks, balance, per-day distribution, item received from etc.



Aim Global Solutions Ltd., has been developed AMS as a totally self-contained personnel/vehicles GPS tracking and event reporting system using UHF transreceivers. Because it uses UHF radio channels, there are no recurring costs or monthly fees with the AMS.

Traffic Police Automation: A Complete Software Suite for Automation Of Traffic Police Headquarters.

Budget and Tender Management: A Complete Suite of Software for Automation Procurement and Budget Management for Government Offices.

EWAIDS: Sensor detection suite combines intelligent object detection and behavioural analysis software to analyze sensor feeds in security and surveillance applications.

APT: SkyEye USB Weather Satellite Receiver is an innovative system for receiving weather images directly from NOAA polar orbiting satellites. This is a complete hardware/software solution (all you need is the computer). The image clarity and software features hitherto were only available from expensive systems costing in excess of thousands of dollars.

WAISS: With the increasing awareness of global security threats, organizations around the world need advanced technological security surveillance systems to enhance security operations.
WAISS is an intrusion detection and surveillance system. It can also act as an access control and / or behavioral monitoring system. Intrusion detection, tracking and records analysis of an entity helps to protect perimeter / campus against suspicious activities. A full blown system will include three main features which make this system highly reliable.

  • WAISS detects intrusion around the area under surveillance and transmits information through a wireless network to the control room.
  • Sophisticated LLVS camera system make real time video surveillance highly capable in indoor and hostile outdoor environments.
  • Information on RFID tags will be captured by RFID sensors deployed at strategic locations. This data will help to decide whether a person / vehicle / asset is authorized or not. Tracking of such an entity can also be done.

All the raw data (sensor location, video frame(s), tag id, and date / time) is captured into a centralized database which may be used for online and offline report generation, customized for specific requirements.
Thus WAISS provides an Integrated campus status on a highly interactive GIS display. This system can also be used for any organization where it is important to track and control the movement of physical entities, such as Government Offices, Corporate Offices, Banks, Data Centers, Embassies, Courts, Military and Law Enforcement Agencies, Factories, Security Press, Business Premises etc.

SECS : Secure Entry Control Systems is a versatile Entry Management system that can be adopted thru its various versions to many levels of monitoring and security. It’s a combination of VMS and WAISS to give total access control, Casual Labor management (CLM), Attendance and visitor management systems incorporating Perimeter security.

APMS : Advanced Prison Management System is perhaps best software to manage correction homes and prisons in India. It has a separate module to manage various activities of prison be it judicial, court diary, service book, attendance, payroll, Ration, interview, canteen, Inventory, Hospital, tender, Budget, petty cash, agriculture, factory management etc.
Prison Management software has received many accolades where ever it has been implemented for its versatility and ease of use with very little or insignificant training. It has built in capability to generate reports on Management Intelligence Reports, Background Alerts, Interview reviews, Human Rights & Correctional Approach etc.